Psychologist Caroline Hanstke on Bringing All the Levels of Consciousness into Our Awareness

2019: The Year for Dynamic Consciousness in Action

Sacha Stone: The Deep State Has Already Lost

We’ve Come a Long Way Since Woodstock: ‘Make Currency, Not Central Banks’

‘Westworld’ is Not Science Fiction: How Much Free Will Are We Really Using?

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January 5, 2019

Caroline Hanstke, author of “Why We Do What We Do: Four Pathways to Your Authentic Self,” says in her recent Some Stuff Matters interview, that in order to be the fullest expression of that dynamic consciousness in action, it’s important to bring all of the levels of consciousness into our awareness, so we are in alignment within and not working against ourselves.

“When it comes to how we attract, we know the law of magnetic attraction is that likes attract and opposites repel. The more we’ve integrated our consciousness, the more that will all be the same thing. In other words, what we’re hold...

January 5, 2019

As we begin 2019, we stand at a crossroads.

Will we, moment by moment, take the left-handed path of vengeance—lusting after the destruction, humiliation and downfall of the “other”—or the right-handed path of forgiveness, the very action that frees us to experience compassion? 

Will we accept a world full of corruption, psychopaths and lunacy, which seems hell-bent on its own destruction? Or will we begin to imagine and create a new reality?

Will we believe this hologram around us is an inescapable prison house? Or will we put our dynamic consciousness into action, anchoring the reality...

In our interview with Sacha Stone, he says the "deep state" has already lost, and credits the Trump administration and Putin legacy for “ratting out the Babylonian Priesthood.” 

“The intelligence agencies of the world are largely responsible for human trafficking and pedophile rings—and drugs and guns and gold—but good people within those agencies have come together and appear to be ratting out the nefarious elements. That, I think, is a signature of where we're at right now, as a civilization. Good people within these government agencies and even within the deep state of the military intellect...

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