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Kathy Griffin Photo & Covfefe Highlight a Tragic Callousness Among Americans

Is nothing sacred? Is everything a joke? People piled on today to lament and darkly celebrate how sad and ludicrous it is we live in a world where the President of the United States included a non-word at the end of an otherwise coherent tweet: covfefe. This sparked an entire day of shared scornful joy, upset and #covfefe jokes among malcontent Americans looking for any new excuse to disrespect the unlikely leader of the Free World because they didn't personally elect him and have no regard for those who did.

Meanwhile, Kathy Griffin was fired from CNN and apologized publicly after photos were released of her holding up a bloody, decapitated head like the overgrown devil child of a jihadist terrorist and an ever-indifferent Paris Hilton--a prop that so closely resembled the head of President Donald Trump that his 11-year-old son Barron reportedly thought his dad had been killed when he saw the image on television.

I am not sad we live in a world where the President of the Free World can make a mistake in a midnight tweet. What is tragic to me is that we live in a world where so many sensitive souls have become so desensitized and calloused that everything is a joke to them now--even a man's life and, moreover, the life of the man who is the President of the United States.

Is it all just a game where anything is funny as long as the joke is made at the expense of the other side? Do we really care more about winning than caring? Do we really want the other side to pay more than we want solidarity? Is this what we want?

This is a dark time of civil unrest that could very easily lead to a civil war and each of us is deciding every day what will happen next with each thought, each feeling, each tweet.

I pray we choose wisely in this moment so that together we can create a world that is not a big joke fueled by misery and scornful joy, but rather a world where each person's conscience and desire to serve good guides him or her to receive the crumbs that fall from the table of cosmos as a little child, and recognize them as magnificent seeds of cosmic potential. They are like tiny jewels from the earth. Yet, like flowers, these spiritual gems unfold and become a cosmos radiant with hope for every person.

#Conscience #KathyGriffin #Covfefe #Empathy

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