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Ron Paul: Why the Fed Should Be Abolished

In this special report, Ron Paul discusses the history of The Fed, and how the marriage of banking and the state would create a monopoly of money and power in the U.S. This monopoly would finance the welfare state at home and a military empire abroad. It would also tilt the scales of the American economy to crony and politically-connected corporations.

Listen to the report here.

“The people need to give up on the idea that the problem is just due to mismanagement and the corruption of a few. Instead, what is needed is that the principles that underpin welfarism, warfarism, central economic planning, and central banking have to be refuted. The time is coming when the economic and political chaos will force the people into making a decision on whether or not they want to live in a free society, which offers the only real chance for the middle class to achieve prosperity and enjoy peace, or continue to witness the disintegration of our society and the wiping out of America’s middle class. Fortunately, there is a growing number of people throughout the country who are very knowledgeable of what a free society is all about and, likewise, are quite aware of the coming chaos that will require the American people to decide whether or not it’s more liberty or more government that will best serve the human condition.”

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