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Dearest one, do you think you can tell

True love from the well,

What’s real from your pride?

Can you tell when the tamer, that dark lust for comfort

Whips you back to familiar,

Grips your soul with his game?

Do you get a strange chill,

When that old ghoul, he enters?

Stops your heart through suggestion,

Guards your shame with his charm?

Did he get you to trade in

Your best gifts for sand?

Fill your glove with his hand?

Lure you into his web?

Laughing at what you could be

Lays your dreams down

Stabs the heart of your true love

Then grins his way through her funeral


This pain binds us too close together

And we lose hope someone can fill us

But tell me, my dear ones,

What peace is in your house?

Oh, my friend, you don’t fit through that door

Please don’t shrink for that hall

Please don’t drown in that well

Will you tear down those guards now,

And turn from pleasures that trap you?

Walk through fire that burns you?

Take off masks that feel safe?

Won’t you spill all your secrets

And lay your prize down?

Trade your house for the heavens,

Swap your cave for cosmos

Will you be breath of heaven

In every cell, every atom?

Can you become the heartbeat

Of all the life there is?


If I could, love, then I would free you

Let you see your true potential

I’d spread you like stardust

Through skies of endless day


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