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The Princess Buttercup Complex

The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies of all time. That said, it also points out a serious problem we all have: "The Princess Buttercup Complex."

On some level, we are all waiting like spoiled, helpless princesses for our Prince to come save us after we give Him up for dead, decide to marry a rich but heartless King of this world instead, and then stand by idly yelling while a giant rodent nearly kills Him--all the while claiming we love Him above all.

The movies have long glorified this kind of Beautiful Princess Getting Rescued by the Handsome Prince storyline because we have long glorified the storyline that someone will surely come rescue us while we do nothing but give up on the Love of Our Life and then give up on life itself (and, consequently, make poor life decisions), half-heartedly tug at our dresses, and scream for help.

This is not true romance or true love. This is a Rodent of Unusual Size (ROUS) race of deception that binds us to an illusion of unattainable freedom.

It's time to GO to our respective Prince and HELP HIM OUT, for God's sake. For God's sake.

#PrincessButtercupComplex #ThePrincessBride

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