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The Zohar Secret

This might be one of the most important films of my lifetime. Although it was not made with the budget of a Wachowski Brothers action movie or highly stylized Wes Anderson film, it manages to pack a meaningful punch as deep as "The Matrix" with a nod to the intentional style of "The Royal Tenenbaums."

The scene that blew me away the most was when the main character, as a Jewish prisoner in Nazi Germany, meets himself in embodiment as a German officer. This is an intense depiction of how each character in our world represents an angle of ourselves, as in a dream. It illustrates more clearly than I've ever seen how we externalize our "miscreations" and project the film of our own, internal flaws onto others.

I truly believe if enough people watch this film and internalize its message, we will change the world. It's currently only available for rent or purchase on Fandango.

Below are six dynamite monologues from the film that are so beautiful and inspired I had to transcribe them, word for word, from the English subtitles on my screen. (Please note you may need to activate closed captions on your device for the subtitles to appear.)

Monologue 1

"Who am I? I am you. You are now asleep and I am you, only on the other side of the dream, trying to help you wake up.

Return the scroll to Jerusalem. Then everything will fall into place, and you will remember and understand everything...

You know, every person has a sort of internal mechanism, an inner self; but, for the time being, it's dormant. People think this life is life -- they don't even suspect they are asleep.

Well, this scroll contains the code. If you read it correctly, you activate that internal mechanism and lead yourself out of the dream, into an entirely new level of existence.

You're in a cocoon from which a butterfly is supposed to emerge."

Monologue 2

"Try to penetrate the letters to enter within. The most important thing is to really want it.

Look...'Suddenly I was seized by terror. Horror. Something unbearably heavy was crushing me from all sides. I thought I was...dying. Suddenly I was hurled into a space, an expanse of infinite love, an ocean, warmth. And, in response to it, out of me there poured -- poured -- an enormous, previously unfelt desire to reciprocate. The sensation embraced me to such an extent that I was no longer aware of myself.'"

Monologue 3

"It's just a movie. It's a screen, a stretch of fabric. A reflection. A film! Just that then was real for you, and now you're looking at it from the side. Honestly, everything that's happening to you right now is also a film. All of this.

I would call it, "the perfect cinema"...

You incarnate in thousands of lives, living out all of them. You're a king, a slave, a knight, a traitor, a nice lad, and a murderer. You contain the whole world within you -- reveal all the universes!

Imagine to live this way 'til your last breath, to be invigorated until the final moment, to plunge at that final moment so your heart would burst! Not to rot. To live this way! Get it? Like that! Then it fills up with life, with inner creativity. And you advance to a new round, a game...with Him. And then it doesn't matter if you're a hero or a villain, for you are with Him!"

Monologue 4

"Remember the cinema? Light is cast onto the film, resulting in a huge projection on the screen. But all the information, the picture, is on the film and not on the screen. Do you see? You're the same way. This force acts upon you, and you see your reflection, your projection from the outside. It's as if you're looking at yourself from the side, watching a movie about yourself. It's an illusion that anything exists outside of you, opposite to you, that there's something that's not you. It is all you. Understand? All these walls, plants, animals, people, galaxies -- they are all you!"

Monologue 5

"It's as if your consciousness remains but all the corporeal sensations disappear. They're simply not there...there's only the sensation of unbounded love washing over you and a desire to answer with the same love. A desire to reciprocate the love you receive. And you only want to dwell in that ocean or sea of love. It's as if you and everything around you merge, becoming one -- even though there aren't any bodies. No personalities, names, deities or angels. Only an informational field, as scientists call it today. This field carries information of love, harmony and perfection, and you are inscribed into this field as an integral part, a single whole."

Monologue 6

The scroll contains a code that will enable us to decipher the secret meaning of The Book of Zohar, according to Professor Jonas Breidenbach of the German archeology research center:

"This scroll speaks of our primordial state as being similar to that of an embryo in a mother's womb. Because it was incapable of sensing the perfection in which it existed, it had to be split up into myriad pieces. According to the book of Zohar, we have already reached the maximum splitting point: The spring is stretched out to the max, and we are now undergoing the reverse process of reassembly. By returning to their source, these parts continuously acquire new sensory organs, as compared to the primordial embryo. Inside this unity, each part perceives this perfection from more than just its individual viewpoint; it also perceives it through other parts, with which it has established this bond. The end result is billions of times greater than the initial sensation, and herein lies the aim of the initial design: To bring us to the same level as the perfection which we were originally unable to perceive."


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