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A Public Expression of Gratitude and Admiration for Jordan Peterson

"You see this in the cynicism that people have about people who have done well in the world. They're always looking for some reason why they've done well: 'They must be crooked or kiniving arrogant or they psychopathic. But it's a very bad trick to play on yourself to make the proposition that the person in the world who represents your own ideal is that ideal because of despicable reasons. Because what you do is train yourself that the ideal you should pursue can only exist if it's motivated by despicable reasons--and then what?! Then you've slaughtered your own ideal. Then what are you going to work for? How are you going to live then? Well, bitterly and miserably, that's for sure -- bitterly, miserably and hopelessly.

"It's so uncommon for expressions of admiration and gratitude to manifest themselves in any public communication of any sort--newspapers, TV, YouTube, Twitter. It's almost always undermining and backbiting and criticism, and very often directed at people who have often done little else but bring good things into the world for other people."

--Jordan Peterson, Episode 23 of The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

#JordanBPeterson #Gratitude

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