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An Unrolled Twitter Story With 201 Tweets

@Imperator_Rex3 on Twitter. Originally posted here.

1. Let's dissect a failed takedown by the worst criminals in American history & analyze the origins of Trump's Storm.

2. It's a tale of a failed sting operation, a dodgy dossier, illegal spying & American heroism, fighting dangerous people.

3. What follows is a long thread, but jaw-dropping in scope and implication. So - stick with me.

4. Also, it's my best opinion about what went down, based on research & my judgement. You can confirm everything that follows on the web.

5. Let's examine how Obama & Clinton, with their cronies, abused power to try & take out an innocent man, Donald J Trump.

6. First up : THE FAILED STING OPERATION - infiltration of Trump's campaign team.

7. George Papadopolous (GP) was used by Fusion GPS to infiltrate Trump's campaign and to set up a meeting with Russian insiders.

8. There are other explanations - he was being wired by FBI to get to Trump, or wired by Trump to get to whoever was trying to set him up.

9. However, I think the Fusion GPS link is the most reasonable b/c of GP's connection with Sergei Millian aka Siarhei Kukuts/Sergei Kukut.

10. I've done some digging on our Sergei. I think he is a Russian spy, infiltrated into US culture as a long-term plant.

11. This is consistent with his name change, sudden elevation as head of a US-Russian Chamber of Commerce & his targeted influencing.

12. Also, with Putin's strategy of using long term sleeper spies - see:

13. I'm not sure that Sergei was a good spy. He had a history of exaggerating, bragging & lying & love for the limelight.

14. Millian was also the main source of the Fusion GPS Steele Dossier. More of that soon.

15. Millian's link with GP & Fusion GPS seals the deal for me. GP was a Fusion GPS plant.

16. Paul Manafort was used by the Podesta Group and/or Fusion GPS to infiltrate Trump's campaign, for the same purpose as GP.

17.There's been conjecture that Manafort may have been a Trump spy, or FBI mole while on Trump's team.I think he was a plant, just like GP.

18. A brief history. Few people realize that Trump had known Manafort for a long time.

19. They met briefly in 1988 at a Republican Party Convention, with others. Before that, Trump had engaged a firm/..

20. /..where Manafort was a partner for lobbying purposes in NYC. Manafort wasn't his contact there, though.

21. They didn't know each other well, but knew OF each other as they moved in the heady world of NYC glitz and business.

22. Then they seem to have lost contact for 20 years. During that time, Trump became a construction titan. And Manafort?

23. Well, Paul seems to have lost his way. Manafort got in bed with the Russians. And he got to know the Podestas, too.

24. Makes sense - both Americans had substantial interests in Russia & Ukraine.

25. Manafort became a hired gun for Moscow, but was able to maintain his connections with the US political establishment, especially GOP.

26. He was a hired gun for the GOP, too, serving as a campaign manager/ advisor in several major campaigns.

27. Perfect US cover, our Paul had. In 2006, he bought an apartment in Trump Tower. He was living there during the campaign.

28. When the Fusion GPS sting went down, he was the perfect guy to put in front of Trump, who would have regarded him as a known quantity.

29. An old NYC business guy with an impeccable GOP record, who lived in Trump Tower.

30. GP & Manafort both used the same MO to mole into Trump's campaign team.

31. GP approached the campaign team drawing on his very brief experience with the Ben Carson campaign.

32. Manafort approached Trump with emails & memos, reminding Trump of his experience & network. He appeared to be VERY keen to join up.

33. Both offered to work as volunteers, for free.

34. They hit team Trump at the perfect time - Trump was campaigning with feverish energy & the campaign /..

35. /..was preparing for the nomination. They were distracted & needed all the help they could get.

36. Manafort & GP ALSO both worked the same MO to try and get Trump & his key people to meet with Russians.

37. Russians would contact the campaign, promising dirt on Hillary Clinton, while the inside mole would work to get the meeting.

38. GP failed. When Mueller came knocking, GP destroyed the evidence and lied to the FBI to cover his tracks.

39. Manafort half-succeeded, snaring Trump Jnr & Kushner in the infamous June 9 meeting. Luckily, Kushner and Trump Jnr bailed.

40. It's likely that the 'woman' in both situations was one and the same - Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian or pro-Putin Ukrainian spy.

41. Her cover? A lawyer, fighting the Magnitsky Act. Oh, she may have had links with the Dems, too:

42. Both GP & Manafort would have been instructed to create a trail of emails, memos & phone calls /...

43. / record the connection. GP may also have worn a wiretap.

44. The effort to connect Trump-Russia by GP & Manafort FAILED, BUT there was enough smoke to create a little fire.

45. AND Trump's enemies had another card up their sleeve - the infamous Steele dossier.


47. The Steele Dossier was a Fusion GPS creation. It was written between April - June 20 (date on dossier) by Steele, the ex-UK spook.

48. Steele had been MI6's point man in Moscow. It's still unclear how he came about the dossier content, but he /..

49. /..appears to have been badly played by Russia's FSB. And Sergei Millian, Russian spy & liar.

50. Also a big mouth, with a penchant for exaggeration and fanciful stories.

51. The Steele Dossier reads like a juvenile attempt at an espionage thriller. Millian was a major source, for sure.

52. It contains a scene where Trump is urinating on hookers in an unsecured hotel room. It said that /...

53. /..the FSB had it all on video, as well as other incriminating taped evidence on Trump.

54. All this, despite Trump having one of the best & feared security teams on the planet with him, 24/7.

55. All this, despite Trump being a teetotal germphobic, obsessed with privacy and detail.

56. All this, despite Trump being a shrewd & careful operator, with vast experience in the ruthless US construction sector.

57. The Steele dossier is a piece of amateurish fiction. Suitable for birdcage liner - at best. No one would publish it.

58. But in the insane, fevered atmosphere of US politics & culture in 2016, it was still useful to Trump's enemies.

59. Rumors started being spread around the media and political establishment about the dossier before & after June 20.

60. I'd say some of Clinton's media proxies at the MSM revealed by WL to be secretly colluding with her, read it as well.

61. No one would publish it, but the word was out. And spreading like wildfire up to The Hill, as well.


63. So, let's recap: we have Manafort/GP infiltrating the Trump campaign.

64. We have the dodgy dossier starting to spread like a virus thru the DNC media system.

65. What else were these crooks up to?

66. That's right: illegal spying on Trump & his team.

67. Let's not go into Obama's history of illegal spying. It started back in at least 2010 & is one of the worst scandals in US history.

68. The objective this time : use unmasking & surveillance to bring Trump down.

69. Method : FISC, with a FISA warrant.

70. June, 2016 (date unknown) - first application. It targeted Trump, Manafort, Page & Epshteyn. Real target? Trump.

71. Result? It failed. It must have been woeful, because 99% of applications were approved. So, how to get an approval?

72. Easy - re-apply with a narrower focus - a server in Trump Tower, transmitting funds between Russian banks & tower.

73. BUT ask for a wide spying remit - on anyone in the tower, basically.

74. Evidence in support? Who lives in Trump Tower? Why, Paul Manafort. Plus, we can just make shit up by using the dodgy dossier.

75. October 15, 2016 : Bingo - FISA warrant issued, spying on Trump & Co im Trump Tower starts. Take a bow, Obama & Lynch.

76. How y'all going so far? We're about half way. Sorry, this is the only way I could set it out.


78. Back to August, 2016. Hillary Clinton is worried.

79. The DNC had been 'hacked' (or as we know, a leak has occurred). Rumours are that Wikileaks have everything.

80. While Comey had absurdly cleared her, Clintons private email server crisis was worse than ever, swirling around her 24/7.

81. In May, Trump won his first national poll. He is campaigning superbly, an incredible performance. That was not part of the plan.

82. Wikileaks had dropped a nuke on the DNC Convention showing Clinton cheating her way to the nomination.

83. An idea : let's use the dossier again. Problem : no one will publish it because it was discredited garbage.

84. Solution: Dust it off & get Congress to express their concern, to give it some legitimacy. Everyone hates Trump, who can we find?

85. Enter Harry Reid (D) & John McCain (GOP).

86. Plus get it to Comey & McCabe @ FBI, using formal channels. (it's likely they knew about it since May & may have even part-funded it).

87. The fix : 27 Aug : Reid's first letter to Comey, referring to the dossier & asking for an investigation.

88. 30 October : Reid's 2nd letter to Comey demanding an investigation.

89. Trap set. They wait, expecting a Clinton win. Nov 8 - Trump wins election. Or I should say #MAGA does.

90. Trap sprung. Nov 18: McCain (GOP) says he learns of dossier and leans on Comey, as well.

91. Dec 9 - McCain, 'very concerned' , gives dossier to Comey & McCabe.

92. Dec '16/Jan '17 : Comey & McCabe start an investigation into Trump-Russia, based on the dossier.

93. See how these slimeballs worked?

94. Dossier goes from slop that no-one would publish, to FBI/DOJ top priority justifying FISA warrants & FBI investigations.

95. With congressional, bipartisan support via Harry Reid & John McCain, no less.

96. Comey's role deserves brief scrutiny here.

97. The thing is, the FBI & DOJ knew Manafort already. They'd started investigating him in 2012, using FISA court surveillance as well.

98. Manafort was lobbying for a pro-Putin Ukrainian despot. He was also wiring funds from his efforts into the US.

99. The FBI wanted him for money laundering & tax evasion. 22. He was working with the Podesta Group while this was going on.

100. Now someone - somehow - shut that investigation down. It remains a mystery as to why.

101. At the time, Director of the FBI? Robert Mueller. AG at the DOJ ? Eric Holder.

102. My opinion? Mueller learned about the Podestas & the Clintons, told Holder and was ordered to shut the probe down, against his will.

103. And that's when Mueller realized

how bad things were - and that he was compromised.

104. FF to 2016. See, here's the thing. Comey & McCabe knew all about the 2012-2014 Manafort/Podesta probe.

105. They NEVER disclosed to Trump that Manafort may be dodgy. No-one did.

106. These two Clinton Praetorians watched Manafort ingratiate himself into the Trump campaign team. It was DELIBERATE.

107. They shut down the email scandal, let the Fusion GPS/Podesta sting operate & played their role legitimising the dossier.

108. They opened an FBI investigation, knowing Trump-Russia to be a total fabrication.

109. Remember, EVERYONE thought Clinton was a CERTAIN winner. Even if you weren't working with her, /..

110. /...why get her off side? It would all be erased from memory after her win.

111. Victory was theirs. Trump was going down.


113. There was one BIG problem for all of these enemies of the USA. One that their arrogance blinded them to.

114. Trump KNEW. And had known what they were up to, the whole time.

115. Trump KNEW Manafort had betrayed him.

116. He knew GP & Manafort were lickspittle scumbags, hired to burrow inside his campaign.

117. Trump knew about the sting, Fusion GPS, the Podesta Group. And the illegal spying, too.

118. And he knew McCabe & Comey were dirty. Also, that the whole thing was being masterminded by Clinton & Obama.

119. How did he know? Because of this man.

120. General Michael Flynn. Patriot & hero.

121. That's my opinion. See, Trump & Flynn had known each other well. Since at least early 2015.

122. Flynn had been an informal advisor on his team since mid 2015. Which seems odd for a Democrat, does it not?

123., actually. See, Flynn & Trump shared a loathing for the criminals who were destroying America.

124. Flynn loathed Obama, who he regarded as a liar & traitor. I'd say he had come to despise the Clintons & their Foundation, as well.

125. Obama repeatedly tried to undermine, smear & oust him.

126. Flynn had served the American people in military & defense for 30+ years. FULL sec clearance, too. A true patriot.

127.In Aug 2014, when Obama finally removed him, Flynn knew all about the crimes going on. With his IC network, this would have continued.

128. So I think he told Trump he was being set up when Manafort started his overtures. I think he picked that the kid was a plant, too.

129. Flynn is a genius spook. He would have also realized Comey & McCabe weren't disclosing what they knew to Trump.

130. From the moment Manafort & GP started their infiltration, Trump KNEW EVERYTHING. And has ever since.

131. And that's when Trump & Flynn, together at first, but soon with Bannon & Sessions, started planning THE STORM.

132. As we know, the criminals had FAILED. Donald J Trump was elected POTUS. A miracle.

133. Obama & Clinton kept going. They tried to undermine Trump's election, inauguration & his presidency.

134. They published the dossier on 12 January. Predictably, it failed.

135. And all this time, Trump knew EXACTLY what was going on. And he planned to take them all down, one by one.


137. The Clinton campaign & Obama administration colluded with Putin's people, as well as /...

138. /..Congress, to undermine Donald J Trump's campaign, inauguration & presidency.

139. They funded, planned and coordinated a campaign together, to take him down.

140. Terrible, terrible crimes were committed to do it. Treason, sedition, subversion, racketeering, perjury, the list is endless.

141. Lives were ruined, a people divided. Marriages and families wrecked. All because of a simple lie.

142. That lie? Trump & Putin/Russia colluded to steal an election and give America to Russia.

143. Can you see the scale & gravity of what Clinton & Obama did?

144. These people almost destroyed the United States of America.

145. The objective was POWER. Clinton as POTUS was in everyone's interests.

146. Hillary & Bill Clinton, using The Clinton Foundation, had become insanely rich selling out the country with 'pay for play'.

147. Vladimir Putin needed Clinton. He was achieving critical strategic objectives and had leverage over the Clintons & Obama.

148. Obama needed Clinton. He had compromised his Presidency & sold out the country to protect the Clintons.

149. He was also a fervent anti-American ideologue and globalist. Clinton's agenda was perfect for him.

150. The DNC & Podesta Group, who needed the gravy train of money for access to keep going.

151. Comey, McCabe, Holder, Lynch and Obama administration lackeys ALL needed Clinton.

152. Even the MSM / Clinton media proxies, who had unique access to the inner sanctum of power, needed her.

153. Why did they think they'd get away with it? Hubris. The rule of law meant nothing to them. They mocked it & the American people.

154. Remember, they were CERTAIN that Clinton would win. Or that Trump would lose. This was a risk-free game.

155. The trouble was, in Trump they came up against a genius. Yes, I said it - and that's what I think.

156. Drunk on power, Obama & Clinton forgot the law of unintended consequences. Now THEY must pay the price.

157. There was a time when honor existed. You'd leave traitors in a room with a loaded pistol & a bottle of scotch.

158. But these criminals have no honor. Trump has hard choices ahead, but to restore public trust and belief in /..

159. /..American greatness, harsh punishment will need to be meted out. To the ringleaders, most of all.

160. If there's any man who will do it, it's Donald J Trump, POTUS. The end.

161. ADDENDUM - a significant development today, building on the use of Fusion GPS by the Clinton Team in the campaign.

162. GASP - the latest is that Jeff Sessions lied to a Senate Judiciary Committee on 11 February, 2017.

163. (BTW the 'reporters' who wrote the article didn't even get the date of the SJC hearing right.)

164. Anyway, the Democrats are clearly desperate and panicking as The Storm gathers around them.They're also STUPID. Why?

165. More of that in a second. First, the alleged 'lie'.

166. Here's the question, from Lindsay Graham (D): "Did you ever overhear a conversation between you and anybody on the campaign who/..

167. /...talked about meeting with the Russians?"

168. Here's Session's response: "I have not seen anything that would indicate collusion with Russians to impact the campaign."

169. Now to the breathless Democratic allegation. Remember the souvlaki kid, George Papadopoulos?

170. Yeah, you remember GP. He's the mole who was burrowed into the Trump campaign by Fusion GPS.

171. The same GP who was briefed by Putin's spies, paid for by Clinton & Obama.

The same GP who has now been indicted for lying to the FBI.

172. Apparently, the Dems & MSM now regard GP as a credible, quality witness of truth. Laughable.

173. Anyway, on 31 March 2016 at a meeting with Team Trump, GP 'offered to use his "Russian contacts" to try to set up a meeting/...

174. /..between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.' I wonder if anyone's stifled laughter could be heard as the kid said this.

175. The meeting was private, in Washington DC & concerned 'national security matters'. Sessions was there.

176. The Dems now argue that because the kid said this, Sessions response to Graham's question is perjury. I'm serious BTW.

177. First thing - even if he heard the kid & took him seriously (doubtful), how anyone could call Sessions response a lie is beyond me.

178. Sessions hadn't seen anything indicating collusion. End of. That's not a lie.

179. For good reason. There WASN'T any collusion with Putin' & Trump. And there's NEVER been any credible evidence suggesting there was.

180. There's a growing MOUNTAIN of credible evidence suggesting collusion between Putin's stooges & the Clinton campaign, however.

181. So, Sessions didn't lie. But whatever. That's not the point. The Dems are trying one last time to land one on Sessions. Why?

182. THE STORM. They know Sessions is about to kick their sorry asses up hill and down dale, that's why.

183. As we now know, our democrat friends have never been very respectful of the rule of law.

184. Or, for that matter, the law of unintended consequences.

185. Nor have our NeverTrumper GOP RINOs, like Lindsay Graham.

186. Lindsay Graham knew to ask that question because he'd either heard the conversation and/or read a transcript of it. How?

187. Because GP was wired & the Clinton campaign had a recording of the meeting. And he (GOP) had read or heard it.

188. Which means Graham got it from someone else, either a Democrat or another Trump-hating GOP member.

189. Theres a little problem that the desperate Dems & anti-Trump GOP people haven't considered.

190. Recording conversations without consent is a CRIME in Washingtin DC/District of Columbia. In most states, actually.

191. It's ALSO a crime to divulge a conversation recorded illegally, or to use illegally recorded conversations.

192.Therefore GP, Lindsay Graham and any other GOP/Democrat who saw the transcript or heard the illegal conversation have committed crimes.

193. And Hillary Clinton, as well as anyone else on her campaign, as well.

194. Another thing. It's the first known connection I've seen between Fusion GPS work for the Clinton Campaign & the GOP on The Hill.

195.I assumed that the SteleDossier was shared around -a disgrace - but the infiltration of the Trump campaign was a separate initiative.

196. SO - lets get this straight. Sessions never lied, so some idiot thought it would be a good idea to have one last jab,before the Storm.

197. Inadvertently showing Trump's enemies on the Hill, using illegally recorded conversations from moles put into the Trump campaign,/..

198. / Putin's spies, to try and entrap the AG of the USA. Which they failed to do.

199. In Congressional hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee, no less. UH-OH.

200. The end.

201. For those interested, the relevant laws broken are explained here: Also see:

#MAGA #ImperatorRex

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