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Your Kindness is Your Connection to Divinity

Someone once said to me, not long ago, that when I forfeit my kindness, I lose my connection to divinity. In other words, our kindness is our link to divinity.

He was right.

I recently saw the series of grotesque paintings actor/artist Jim Carrey created of President Donald Trump and was fairly shocked. Wasn't this the same man who is so illuminated about our oneness within cosmos that he inspires millions of fans to reconsider their perception of what is real?

Then today, on Easter, Carrey posted this beautiful image on Twitter and said "Have A Happy New You ;^)."

This beautiful image is both childlike and borderline amateurish in a way that feels so authentic and heartfelt. It stands in stark contrast to the gruesome images posted earlier this week by the same artist, (or what appears to be the same artist).

When I saw it and pondered it against Carrey's other, hate-filled paintings, I was reminded of what my friend had said.

This image truly embodies Carrey's kindness. In it you can see both his connection to divinity and ours, if you so choose.

On the other hand, Carrey's other images are a clear departure from his kindness and sense of the divine, offering little value to mankind aside from giving them a focus for their projections of hatred and misanthropy. But what value is truly given in magnetizing and magnifying such anger and frustration?

I do not fault Carrey for this, however. I know it is incredibly difficult to keep our gaze fixed upon heaven and continually identify with cosmic purpose--especially when so much of the world around us reflects an ugliness and mechanical worldliness we cannot ignore.

At this moment in time, there is a clear weakness in the link between universal society and the individual that exacerbates this difficulty. This lack of identification with universal purpose leads to an almost total involvement in the mesh of self, which manifests itself as emotional hysteria. Like a rat caught in a maze, the human nervous system collapses when the individual-universal link fails, and then men's hearts fail them in the face of fear. All of this is heightened because of the tensions this hour has generated upon earth.

I do not call out Carrey's portal of the divine against that which is unkind to shame him, for he is only portraying so masterfully that with which we all struggle. "For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do." --Romans 7:19

I call out Carrey's brave introspection and reflection of the world within and without to remind myself and whoever else has ears to hear that when we fix our gaze upon heaven and the divine--all that is kind and good in the world--we make the world a better place. We make the earth more full of something real, something worth perpetuating.

This is not to say we should all put on blinders, sing kumbaya in a vacuum and ignore that which needs to be purged and replaced in this world, but only to say that fixating on things that upset and anger us is neither productive nor helpful to anyone.

For the divine is the fullness of all that we desire, and the more we turn to heaven for our supply of every good thing, we will be better able and more alert to assist mankind in overthrowing absolutely all that is darkness and shadow and pain upon the Earth.

But in order to do this and break the monstrous plots which the sinister strategies have launched upon mankind, harmony and unity must remain the forte of all who love the light.

Peace and kindness to you, my fellow lovers of light, on this blessed Easter. May the joyous resurrection carry all home who can can be saved in the hours ahead through genuine kindness and goodwill.


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