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The Revolution is Here: Count Me In

I love when these three dynamos discuss how they got to where they are (much to their own surprise), and how others can be helpful, too, if they want to join the revolution. It inspired me to take up my post, here, and do what I can.

There is a war going on, as many have seen, over the freedom of thought and expression--and even over the freedom of the press.

Original ideas, stories, essays, social posts, videos, remarks and comments seen as outliers from the mainstream "left" are being censored and/or ridiculed because they are deemed to be dangerous, crazy, detrimental, "fake," false and/or socially unacceptable. As a result, anyone who doesn't promote and/or defend the left's approved talking points is now a threat to an otherwise enlightened society filled with open-minded people who know better and care more for others--especially anyone not like them.

But is this enlightenment? Or is it just a domestic bottle of xenophobia with notes of superiority and an Orwellian finish that went bad and tastes rancid?

Isn't the only dangerous idea, in the marketplace of ideas, that ideas themselves are dangerous?

I would argue that the path to enlightenment and a better world, filled with truly empathetic people who follow the golden role, begins not with external reinforcement but with internal reflection.

Rather than relying on censorship, rejection and ridicule, we are better off observing something in the world that needs to be done -- or done better -- and then doing it. This is so much more productive than drinking and recycling sour criticism or fear of others, and tastes so much sweeter.

Next, we can figure out how our individual skills and talents overlap with this need in the world, and how we can help accomplish that thing.

If we each go forth and conquer whatever we see the world needs, with tenacity, dedication and goodwill--holding the vision of a better world even in the face of opposition and adversity--then all we have to do is wait for everything to change with us.

Go be the change. (You can't make others change anyway.)


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