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Child Sex Trafficking Among Global Elite Now Unavoidable Issue Across Party Lines

You Were Never Really Here

A new psychological thriller starring Joaquin Phoenix, “You Were Never Really Here," is the first movie I have seen that takes for granted what we all now know and can no longer hide under the covers from (even if we want to): Several power players, politicians, bankers, royal families and world leaders, etc. are pedophiles who are active participants in child sex trafficking.

Just because something is inherently unbelievable does not make it untrue, unfortunately. Even as I write this, I still find this mind boggling and unusually difficult to type into words. My face is hot as though I have a fever. I’m vaguely nauseous. I feel like invisible slime is crawling all over me, which I occasionally try to shake off with dramatic gestures. I can feel myself literally squinting in agony, and I pause often to put my whole face in my hands.

In other words, I really wish this were horror fiction or just the crazy talk of conspiracy nuts or political shysters. It seems the author behind the “pot-boiling” novella “You Were Never Really Here” that led to Lynne Ramsey’s big-screen adaptation wishes the same.

“The world has always been a mess and terribly corrupt, but we’re looking at even stranger corrupt times. I’ve always been concerned about the environment and it’s just escalating. It was a dark book written in slightly lighter time, and now coming out in time of greater terror in the world,” says author Jonathan Ames during this interview with Signature. “Humanity’s been in rough shape for a long time. The political corruption that’s in the book is quite severe, but it actually seems somewhat fitting now. Human beings are so troubled. And the men in power in this book are very troubled, sick individuals, but from the writing ‘til now, it’s held up.”

So, Mr. Ames evidently dreamed up (or nightmared up) this world from the darkest recesses of his imagination several years ago, before it had been exposed as clearly as it has been today. Only now is he discovering that even his well-documented personal dives into the dark underbelly of New York City’s underground actually pale by comparison to what we now know to be a grim reality.

“I don’t know if such places are called playgrounds, but it sounded so nefarious,” Mr. Ames said. “In terms of the brothel, there’d been one, gosh, twenty years ago. I had a little writer’s room in a very nice house on 48th Street. There was a brothel on the street, high-end, near the United Nations. I wondered what this building was. It was a modern brownstone on a street with older brownstones, and it had these metal curtains. It was very mysterious. Even the people who gave me the writer’s room wondered what it was.

“One day I was walking on Second Avenue and ran into this guy I knew from downtown. He had this bag of groceries and was kind of embarrassed, but said he was the towel boy for this brothel on 48th Street. I said, ‘That building! Holy shit!’ I never forgot about that brothel and this notion of a towel boy—this guy who ran errands for the girls—so I didn’t do a lot of research. I did look up the number of millionaires in the U.S. and did my own statistics. The little research I did was disturbing: how many children are abducted and put into the sex trade from overseas, or kidnapped here in the U.S. It’s staggering.”

As a result of Mr. Ames’ novella and the Cannes Award-winning screenplay by Ms. Ramsey as well as the Cannes Award-winning performance by Mr. Phoenix at his very best, “You Were Never Really Here” boldly highlights—on the big screen for the first time—how child sex trafficking orchestrated by the “1 percent” is now an unavoidable fact of life that must be exposed and ended.

Strangely enough, I have not seen any movie reviewers address this fact when praising the film. Most of them do not even mention child sex trafficking at all, which is the the driving force behind the main character's actions throughout the film. This may be partly because it could spoil the movie’s “unexpected turns" (sorry about that, for those who haven't seen it—but it's still worth seeing). It could also be because the movie is so impressionistic that it doesn’t hit you on the head with this theme, but rather weaves it into the fabric of the harrowing ride that Mr. Phoenix’s character takes you on. (Or it could be partly because most of the media outlets writing these movie reviews are owned or funded by the “1 Percent”—another unavoidable fact I wish were fiction.)

Speaking of facts:

  • More than 1 million children (of the 1.9 billion on the planet) are exploited each year in the commercial sex trade, according to the International Labour Organization. This is the reported number. It is also, (coincidentally?), roughly 1 percent of the children in the world.

  • About 10,000 children a year suffer the horrors of commercial sexual exploitation in the United States, according to this story in USA Today.

  • Each victim is forced to have sex more than five times a day, on average, although the USA Todayreporter said, “I’ve interviewed victims who were forced to have sex with more than 30 men in a week; more than 100 in a month.”

  • Several hundred children 12 and younger, a group not included in the 2016 study by the Center for Court Innovation, also suffer commercial sexual abuse.

Still having a hard time swallowing this all—especially against the blurry backdrop of the heavy political spin that was put on the funny-named but not-at-all-funny Pizzagate?

Or maybe because you are a Clinton supporter who heard Cathy O'Brien's claims she was held as a CIA sex slave and forced to service Hillary Clinton, and this sounds-like-"fake-news" detail made you dismiss all other accounts of the global elite engaging in pedophilia.

Or perhaps you heard about the assistance Hillary and Bill Clinton provided to convicted child trafficker Laura Silsby after she was arrested at the Haitian border for attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation, which had the same impact on your willingness to treat this issue with any validity or take it seriously.

For those who didn't hear about this one, Ms. Silsby claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. This is why she had the undocumented children, she said... although most of the children were not even orphans and had families, according to some reports, and a State Department diplomatic cable revealed authorities in the country said she never submitted an application to start an orphanage. CNN reported on February 9, 2010 that this was not the first time Silsby had attempted to traffic children out of Haiti. Ms. Silsby's sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton while her original lawyer, Jorge Puello, was arrested in connection with an international smuggling ring accused of trafficking women and minors from Central America and Haiti, according to The New York Times. You can read more about all this here, on Disobedient Media.

But let's be clear here: Regardless of the validity of any of these politically charged, live-wire scandals, this issue actually has nothing to do with politics outside of the obvious fact that politicians are involved in these child sex rings—across both sides of the aisle and around the world… and it’s not new either.

Back in the 1980s, a senior Tory politician said to be part of a child sex ring was allegedly stopped by a customs officer with child pornography videos but got off scot-free, police were told. The politician is widely believed to be the late British politician Leon Brittan.

“The former MP (Member of Parliament) was driving back to the UK via Dover when a customs officer pulled him over because he was ‘acting suspiciously,’” according to this article in The Telegraph. “The border guard, who is now retired, has told detectives that when he searched the MP’s car he found videotapes of children ‘clearly under the age of 12’ taking part in sex acts. He passed the material on to his superiors, but the MP was never arrested or charged.”

The Royal family has been so widely affiliated with pedophilia that it was even the punchline of a recent SNL skit. One close friend of Prince Charles, English DJ and television/radio personality Jimmy Savile, allegedly got away with abusing 500 children and having sex with their dead bodies, according to this article in The Washington Post.

Former sex slave Anneke Lucas describes in this video how she was raped and tortured by elite, wealthy aristocrats and politicians about 50 years ago, in a pedophile ring in Belgium. This happened when she was between the ages of 6 and 12. As the YouTube description so astutely said, “Try to tell someone that politicians and wealthy people are involved in organized child rape, torture, and human sex trafficking, and they will likely shout ‘Fake news!’ But, sadly, what is happening to children and women is very real and vivid.”

Dr. Phil even did a segment with a survivor of child sex trafficking, whose parents handed her over to a man who runs an international sex trafficking ring when she was born. "Kendall" says in this interview that she grew up being physically and sexually abused by rich and prominent members of society. Among those who raped her, she said, were high-ranking law-enforcement officials, major sports figures, and even top U.S. politicians.

In another convincing video testimonial, the brave Dutch finance insider Ronald Bernard “reveals a reality that is as shocking as can be (if no great surprise to increasing numbers of the waking public):” The 8,000 to 8,500 individuals who run the world are psychopathic pedophiles.

“Unfortunately, the truth is that worldwide they have been doing this for thousands of years,” he said.

Mr. Bernard, a former financial strawman, said many of his elite clients were practicing Luciferians who attended Churches of Satan. He would drop by their masses as a sign of solidarity, even though he “didn’t believe in any of this stuff and was far from convinced that any of this stuff was real.”

“They were doing their masses with naked woman and liquor and stuff, and it just amused me… This was the good life,” he said. “But then I was invited to participate in sacrifices abroad. That was the breaking point. Children. And I couldn’t do that. And then I started to slowly break down. Everything changed.”

Mr. Bernard goes on to say that they were hoping to use this incident, if he went through with it, to blackmail him into lifelong silence.

French writer Alain Soral further elaborates on how children are used for sacrificial ceremonies and ritual murders in this short documentary, and explains how global pedocriminal networks operate among the world’s elite.

One of the children interviewed in the documentary gives a personal account of how she and her brother were “raped and terrorized in strange ceremonies” involving their parents and other adults.

“It was a place in Paris. He was the boss. He said he was a magician called Bucmobo. They wore white robes with golden edges. Then they would pray and rape the kids. There were other people who would also rape us,” the girl said. “They would also tie us to tables and hit us. They would put needles near our eyes, to make us think they were going to poke them out.”

While this evokes images of the twisted scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s film “Eyes Wide Shut,” starring Nicole Kidman, it is—and gets—much worse than that.

It is interesting to note here that Ms. Kidman said in this interview, “Stanley told me the world is run by pedophiles… He studied secret societies his whole life, he was fascinated by them, and he said the elite, the top-secret societies, they are full of men with a certain predilection. They are tied together, sort of bonded, by pedophilia.

“They all know each other’s dark secrets. There is no way out for any of them. It’s a lifetime bond. Even if one of them wanted to go straight—repent, so to speak—he can’t. His peers will bring him down. They are in it until death, driving the world to ruin. That’s kind of how Stanley explained it, but it was all very complex. I’m probably not doing it justice.”

How could—and does—it get any worse than that?

The same child in Mr. Soral’s documentary says, through tearful sobs, that she also saw these same adults rape babies and cut their heads off. And yet another eye witness in the documentary, another young girl, says she saw ritual participants cut off children’s body parts with electric knives and then leave the children there to suffer.

Mr. Soral says in the video, “This really exists and it’s one of the most terrifying things in the world. These networks are very powerful, are in very high places. Very high places. Linked to high-society, infiltrated in French government and justice, etc.”

If you could stomach these videos, which are queasily vivid and cannot be unseen but are well worth watching, did any of the people interviewed seem crazy to you? Just because what they are talking about and revealing is utterly insane doesn’t mean they are insane.

In fact, all of these individuals look much more truthful and authentic than John Podesta does in the interview that was brilliantly analyzed by Bombard's Body Language. This interview took place after Mr. Podesta’s eye-raising emails were outed by Wikileaks, in which he wrote how “children 11, 9 and 7 would be in the hot tub ‘for further entertainment.’” This email wasn’t sent to children attending a birthday party with balloons and streamers. It was sent to adults.

Mr. Podesta is an American political consultant who was Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chair, most recently, but who also served as White House Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and as Counselor to President Barack Obama.

However, his affiliation with the Democratic party is totally irrelevant here, especially given how prevalent this issue across oceans, continents and, most certainly, political parties.

It doesn’t matter what political “side” you identify with, I think we can all agree on one thing: Children are the most vulnerable among us.

If any marginalized or victimized group deserves to be fought for by all of us, it’s them. Period.

And the children whose dried blood made the butcher block upon which Ms. Lucas sat turn black in color were really here.


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