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Some Stuff Matters Interviews IPWatchdog's Steve Brachmann

Iola Divine from Some Stuff Matters interviews IPWatchdog reporter Steve Brachmann about where the suppression of original thought and innovative ideas, which should be protected under the law, intersect.

The two discuss contemporary issues with intellectual property surrounding the lack of fairness/protection provided by the legal system, as well as how this--and the government, and its people--are heavily influenced by big tech companies such as Google, Amazon, etc.

"You'll notice that on a lot of these issues that create a lot of public fervor--look at who's behind the organizations who are funding that fight," Mr. Brachmann says. "We're entering a world where intellectual property is becoming more important than ever, and intellectual property has been attacked in recent years.

"Data privacy's important, but if we're talking about the way to create wealth for regular Americans, I would encourage people to pay attention to what's happening there...

"Until we realize that there are forces in play that help those who are market-dominant to the detriment of us who are feeding them data or are feeding them ideas, we're going to continue on this downward path. And I think more people should be interested in that rather than who tweeted what and who took own the president with the latest tweet. I think that is so misguided."


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