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Is Twitter Serious Right Now? Alex Jones is Flagged As 'Potentially Sensitive Content'

Today my friend texted me a link to this. It showed up as the image below in my text preview...

...but after I laughed and clicked on the link, I got this:

I understand that Alex Jones is not the calmest of individuals, (which is why this Tweet is funny) and I know he says a lot of things that people think are crazy. But Futurist Darling Ray Kurzweil says soon we're going to have sex with AI humans and no one censors him. "Ex-CIA" Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan says "people in the dark crevices behind governments and world leaders" are using technology to transmit thoughts into our heads so they can control and brainwash us, and no one calls him a crazy conspiracy theorist.

@Twitter #doublestandardsmuch?

This censorship hysteria is no longer hysterical. It's downright Orwellian.

#1984 #Orwell #Censorship #SocialMedia #Twitter

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