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We’ve Come a Long Way Since Woodstock: ‘Make Currency, Not Central Banks’

The counterculture of the potential now is officially here.

How do I know?

A California music festival planned for next month is on a mission to “build a new economy by the people, for the people that banishes the central bank-controlled economy run by the .01 percent.”

That’s right—not protesting the infamous 1 percent of Occupy Wall Street, but circumventing the .01 percent and their matrix of propaganda, economic and social control.

The festival is doubling as a launchpad for a new custom blockchain powered platform, Karmaship, which aims to spark a new, self-contained economy—the Karmaconomy—that unites people who want to shut out the “puppeteers behind the world economy by circumventing their consensus-reliant reality and economy,” as today’s release says.

Whoa. Clearly, these guys are not messing around or waiting for a solution to find them.

The mission of Outside In EQUINOX, taking place in Santa Barbara next month, also shows how far we’ve come in the past 50 years.

The genesis of today’s festival culture began at Woodstock in the ‘60s, where the counterculture of the day gathered. The counterculture of that era rallied around the protest movement, and was primarily focused on fighting against war and standing up for civil rights.

Back then, we knew something was wrong. Deeply and disturbingly wrong. We vaguely knew the powers that be were using bombs and soldiers as chess pieces in their political and economic games—along with tactics that create divisions and rifts among people—but we didn’t know exactly how, to what extent, or how to stop them. We just knew it wasn’t okay.

Now we are beginning to see, on a mass scale, that the “official” world we see, interact with and react to as an objective truth is actually a fabrication—a massive “Truman Show,” if you will—that’s being produced by the .01 percent who are “really running the show,” as Ronald Bernard says, to serve their every whim and need regardless of how many human cows they milk or slaughter in the process.

Bernard, for those who may not know, is the elite Dutch banking whistleblower who exposed the “shadow bankers” in a series of hard-hitting interviews, after he couldn’t keep his conscience in the proverbial freezer anymore.

“The world I was living in was a world in which everything is possible. You can switch identity by day. You can fake any paper you want, in this world,” he says in this interview with Sacha Stone. “We created our own rules—but the rules were always coming from upstairs, and the most important ruler was the BIS (Bank of International Settlements).”

The other thing we know now that we didn’t back then, is that confronting, protesting or fighting against these powerful shadow bankers and their lackeys is futile. Not only do they have more resources than the entire population several times over, but we have also begun to see, as a collective, that resisting anything or anyone simply puts us inside a motorized revolving glass door where we chase our own reflection in circles at the same mechanically plodding speed. By doing so, in addition to driving ourselves mad, we simply power up that which we resist by feeding it with our negative emotions.

Energy is always impersonal: Like seeks like, whether positive or negative. And it’s the union of shadowed substance with shadowed substance that causes a densification and strengthening of these nefarious forces, which are fueled by negative energy.

As Jackson MacKenzie explains so well in his book “Psychopath Free,” defending yourself against psychopaths only makes things worse, because psychopaths—(which the top shadow bankers invariably are)—carefully craft their insults to “accuse you of doing things that they themselves did.”

“The psychopath says all sorts of ridiculous things, and you’re suddenly defending yourself from accusations you’ve never even dreamed of. How could you not? Your name is being smeared,” he says. “So you get caught up in trying to prove them wrong, and that’s where the calculated self-destruction begins. The psychopath can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. They can calmly point to the hysterical victim and say, ‘Jeez, that poor, crazy person…’ Essentially, they provoke your anger, and then calmly use it to prove their own point.”

As a result, the counterculture of today is—quite intelligently—not looking to protest or fight against anything. It’s simply looking to build a better world that permanently replaces the “corrupt, central bank-run world economy” and leaves “those international banker-boogeymen in the dusty past,” as Co-Founder of Outside In EQUINOX Alfa Warrior says.

This is why Karmaship has no plans for an ICO that could make the cryptocurrency vulnerable to “world bank infiltrators disguised as investors,” he says—and why the open-source project is committed to “an ‘open-source everything’ society,” where experiences are used to generate and back the exchange of value—not machines or centrally controlled agencies.

“The only way these shadow suits can be part of the Karmaconomy is to attend a festival in person, as themselves, and join our revolution,” he says. “Outside In EQUINOX will celebrate the end of an era, as the people reclaim their power from the .01 percent. We believe this is the moment in history when we need to be equanimous and simply build something new, something better.”

And they’re right. Why not let these shadows have their money and live out their days in peace, so long as they let us generate our own wealth and create the new reality and world we want?

Whether enough people will join the “Karmaconomy” to accomplish Karmaship’s bold mission for the world remains to be seen. But they are really onto something here either way.

Not only did crypto trailblazer and computer programming legend John McAfee just announce his plans to release the first “Proof of Encounter” coin, a participation-reliant cryptocurrency that would “verify meetings in the real world” in the same way Karmex will only be rewarded to Outside In EQUINOX festival participants and future event participants, but Karmaship also understands that uniting people across party and geographic lines to create a new system is the answer.

As the release says, “Outside In EQUINOX organizers and participants come from every political party—left, right, center and the fringes. But they have one thing in common: They all believe that uniting people who want to ditch a broken system and build a new society founded on mutual respect, community and a truly democratic economy is more important than fighting over semantics, past hurts or the drama of the day fueled by .01 percent-owned outlets, channels and political pundits.”

Given that banking is the primary means of controlling people worldwide, and the central banks use the BIS as their universal clubhouse, one of the best ways to withdraw from the game of the narratives and “reality” these ones create, is to create a new economy, as a collective, outside of the BIS—one that can’t be bought or infiltrated by its henchmen.

In the words of Bernard: “The only way to go out of this system is to unite in a sort of cooperative.” Stone, the former rock musician who is the founder of the New Earth Project chimes in, enthusiastically, and says, “—and withdraw. Remove your attention from this game and the story. Because it’s just a game. It’s just a story. Right!”

As one band that will perform at Outside In EQINOX says in “Screen of Days,” a song from its last, eponymous album, Tiny Machines: “We side-stepped the war but not for peace, for the game, of me makin’ the world a better place by makin’ you go away. I guess we’re more alike than sane.”

To that point, on an individual level, Stone says in this interview with Adam Abraham that the way to bypass the “status quo” or “artificial mindset engineered by a psychological media complex” is to realize that the problem and solution are both contained within.

“The problem is you and, thereby, the solution is you. To try to shirk that is ultimate folly,” he says. “So, I’m not interested in looking to anyone but myself. I do take full account for my life and for my expression and for my history as well—the luggage that I carry. All of that stuff. The audit is done in the quanta of my heart. If and where my heart becomes actuated in the now, then I find I am able to absolve myself from the trace memories, the ghosts and the curses of lineage—and of my own time on this plane.”

Stone explains this concept in greater detail later on in the interview.

“What we need to do is the hard graft, which is to engage fully with accountability, to simply retreat into the now. Surrender all that we think we know. Bring ourselves into the present. And, in that space, become fully aligned or cohered to the superconscious, which exists all around us all of the time,” he says. “It’s something which we can all access—but we can’t access it so long as we’re holding onto the shadows in the heart, so long as we’re holding onto those egoic forms, which absolutely prevent us from being able to sharpen that lens sufficiently.”

This may all seem a little “out there” to some. But when you consider that artists, philosophers, musicians, and the like are like the lightning rods of society—the ones on the fringe, on the outer edge, opening themselves up to the universe and interpreting what they hear for others—you begin to realize that these are the very ones who are paving the road to the future just as those who used their voices, presence and music during the ‘60s helped lay this yellow brick road to reveal the Great and Powerful Oz behind the curtain.

Artists are the ones who are bravely exploring the “quanta of their hearts” for answers. These are the ones who are courageously diving into the third dimension and communicating what they find there. These are the ones who are standing at the epicenter of the xyz axis of the potential now just as we all can—now—as the artists of a new reality.


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