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Psychologist Caroline Hanstke on Bringing All the Levels of Consciousness into Our Awareness

Caroline Hanstke, author of “Why We Do What We Do: Four Pathways to Your Authentic Self,” says in her recent Some Stuff Matters interview, that in order to be the fullest expression of that dynamic consciousness in action, it’s important to bring all of the levels of consciousness into our awareness, so we are in alignment within and not working against ourselves.

“When it comes to how we attract, we know the law of magnetic attraction is that likes attract and opposites repel. The more we’ve integrated our consciousness, the more that will all be the same thing. In other words, what we’re holding in our consciousness will be what we attract or repel. But when we have a subconscious and unconscious that are doing very different things from what our consciousness is, then we’ll have different effects going on,”Hanstke says. “What does that mean? That means that we may be holding some anger, for instance, in our subconscious over some treatment we got that we thought was unfair, but we haven’t registered it on our conscious mind. Nevertheless, we’re holding it in the field of our consciousness, and so it’s attracting—and repelling at the same time. So, in the sense of likes attract, it’s going to attract those kinds of energies, and a lot of times we do that when we’re still in the process of developing our consciousness and we don’t realize why something just happened. But, in actual fact, we’ve attracted it.”

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